How to Erase Under Eye Circles in 7 Days

Both crow’s feet and dark circles are unsightly as they destroy the charming look of the face. There are several factors which one should know about the causes of dark circles which include aging, over exposure to sunlight and stress. It can also be due to hereditary problems. Everyone looks for ways to remove dark circles under the eyes because no one likes to look tired always.

Tips  to Erase Under Eye Circles in 7 Days

Tip #1: Drink Plenty of Water

One known best solution for removing dark circles and crow’s feet is by drinking water. Don’t you think this is so natural and easy? You must know that you need to increase your water intake as water keeps the body hydrated and keeps it moisturized and healthy too. In addition, water clean up the digestive tract and at the same time stimulates digestion in the body. This procedure is good for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Tip #2: Mint to Banish Dark Eye Circles

1. Chop and scrub a sprig of mint leaves.
2. Apply the mashed leaves to dark under eye circles and leave on for 20 minutes.
3. Rinse off. Goodbye darkness

Tip #3: Use Ice Cubes in Treating Them

Why not try rotating ice cubes around your eyes and find out what it can do to your eye circles. It has been known that ice cubes when applied around your eyes can reduce dark eye circles. It can also ease your eye covering and another thing is that it makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated as well.

Tip #4: Rose Water is also Best

Soaking cotton swabs in cool rosewater can also help with dark eye circles when applied to them. One thing this can do is that it provides nourishment on one’s eyes thus eliminate dark eye circles easily and quickly.

Tip #5: Cucumber Slices May Be an Old Good Thing But they Work

Last but not the least is the use of cucumber slice. As we all know there are many people who have tried applying cucumber slices on their eyes already. They feel so relaxed with the use of these slices as these soothe their eyes and rejuvenate them as well. Repeating this process regularly can eliminate both dark eye circles as well as crow’s feet.

Erasing dark circles in one week’s time is not far from possible. It is a matter of adapting simple tips like the ones provided for above and making sure that there’s discipline when it comes to using these tips. Discipline and perseverance plus these techniques combined together mean saying goodbye to dark circles in a very short period of time. Before you know it, those dark streaks are already gone.

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