How to Clean a Washing Machine

If your washing machine is looking a bit worse for wear, bring it back to life with our top 5 cleaning tips:
1. Clean the detergent drawer
The detergent drawer is a haven for germs, encrusted washing powder and mould. If possible, remove the entire drawer and set to work with an old toothbrush. An ordinary domestic cleaner is fine.
2. Unblock the filter 
The filter is another place where germs collect as it's warm and humid. Empty it regularly and remove fluff and dirt that has gathered inside.
3. Clean the drum
Even if the inside of your washing machine looks sparkling clean, it's probably not. There are lots of cracks and holes where germs can fester. The best thing to do is run an empty wash every couple of months.
Use soda crystals or even dishwasher tablets and run on a hot wash (preferably 60 degrees). This should kill germs, remove odours and stop soap scum and limescale building up.
4. Prevent bad smells
Leave the washing machine door open slightly after washes to allow air to circulate around the drum - this will help stop germs breeding.
5. Use the right detergent
Use powder rather than liquid. Extra suds and liquid softeners have been linked to residue in the machine that may contribute to bad smells and mould.
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