Science experiment : Make your milk come alive - Awesome milk trick!

We’re immediately trying this at home. All you need to recreate this awesome experiment is milk, food colouring and a drop of dish soap.

It’s not often you get to recreate a chemical reaction with whatever’s lying around your house, so this experiment is pretty special.

All you need to do is pour milk into the bottom of a plate, and drop various colours of food colouring into the milk. You can put all the colours on top of each other, or arrange the drops in a circle in the centre of the milk. Once you’ve done this, drop a small amount of dish soap into the centre of the colour blots. You can even just put the end of a cotton bud into some dish soap and stick that into the centre of the food colouring. You should immediately see the milk react and the food colouring rapidly disperse to create some amazing patterns.

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