Microsoft Excel shortcut keys -

 Excel Shortcut keys
F2Edit the selected cell
F5Go to a specific cell
F7Spell check selected text and/or document
F11Create chart
Ctrl + Shift + ;Enter the current time
Ctrl + ;Enter the current date
Alt + Shift + F1Insert new worksheet
Shift + F3Open the Excel formula window
Shift + F5Bring up search box
Ctrl + KInsert link
Ctrl + FOpen find and replace options
Ctrl + GOpen go-to options
Ctrl + HOpen find and replace options
Ctrl + UUnderline highlighted selection
Ctrl + YUnderline selected text
Ctrl +5Strikethrough highlighted selection
Ctrl + OOpen options
Ctrl + NOpen new document
Ctrl + POpen print dialog box
Ctrl + SSave
Ctrl +ZUndo last action
Ctrl + F9Minimize current window
Ctrl + F10Maximize currently selected window
Ctrl + F6Switch between open workbooks / windows
Ctrl + Page Up & Page DownMove between Excel worksheets in the same document
Ctrl + TabMove between two or more open Excel files
Alt + =Create formula to sum all of above cells
Ctrl + 'Insert value of above cell into current cell
Ctrl + [Decrease selected font -1
Ctrl + Shift + !Format number in comma format
Ctrl + Shift + $Format number in currency format
Ctrl + Shift + #Format number in date format
Ctrl + Shift + %Format number in percentage format
Ctrl + Shift + ^Format number in scientific format
Ctrl + Shift + @Format number in time format
Ctrl + →Move to next section of text
Ctrl + SpaceSelect entire column
Shift + SpaceSelect entire row
Ctrl + WClose document

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