What Your Eye Color Reveals About You

: What Your Eye Color Reveals About You

Did you know that no two people have the exact same eye color? It’s true! Did you know that every person who has blue eyes comes from the same ancestor? Everyone with blue eyes has a very specific DNA difference. Many of us know that when most babies are first born, their eyes are a hazy bluish color, and then they change into whatever color will be that baby’s permanent eye color. The reason for that is because an infant has almost no melanin in his or her eyes. This changes very quickly though. There are also many things that your eye color reveals about you.

did you know your eye color can change over time? Since the eyes don’t constantly produce pigment, they can become lighter or darker as time goes on. You can see all of these facts and more illustrated in this fun infographic below by Mezzmer. Since our eyes obviously tell so much about us, it will make me think twice before wearing colored contacts. Whether your eyes are brown, blue, green or gray, you can be proud knowing that your eye color truly says a lot about our ancestry.

1. Brown  Eye

Brown-eyed people are said to be very grounded. They are reliable and have their heads on straight. They are also kind, loving and cheerful. They love making friends and find it easy to do because they are just plain adorable!

2. Blue Eye
Blue-eyed people tend to be beautiful and vivacious. They are honest and straightforward and very observant. They tend to maintain long-lasting relationships. 

3. Hazel Eye
People with hazel eyes are said to be empathetic and sensitive to others. They are considered very beautiful and loving. They are the risk takers and love a challenge. They are usually up to trying anything once. 

4. Grey Eye :
People with grey eyes have internal strength. They are known for their ability to fit into any situation. Grey-eyed people are also very profound and sensitive.

5. Amber Eye
People with amber or gold colored eyes appear to be reserved but are actually very charming and warm. They have a hint of mystery about them. They love having lots of friends and need to feel accepted; they thrive on social interaction. Amber-eyed people think outside the box and like things to be a bit different. 

6. Green Eye
Green eyes are a sign of a gentle and compassionate person. Green-eyed individuals tend to be very beautiful. They are passionate and have wonderful relationships. They do have a little bit of a jealous streak, however.

7. Black Eye
Some people do have black colored eyes, but most of the time they are a very deep brown. People with black eyes are very mysterious and don't let too many people in. They are very passionate and love life. They are also sensual people.

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