Best Cancer Hospitals in the World

Best Cancer Hospitals in the World

Best Cancer Hospitals in the World

For close to a century cancer has been continuously evolving in complications and peculiarities to pose the gravest life threat to people around the world. Today the best cancer hospitals in the world are also considered to be the greatest places of research and development in relation to the disease. As cancer is among the few diseases in the medical history of the mankind to be declared and considered to have absolutely no conclusive and permanent cure, the research and corresponding breakthrough in the scientific information about the various types of findings in various types of cancer are regarded as the key determinative factor to the cancer care in the best cancer hospitals in the world. Many of these cancer hospitals throughout the world are famous for their research and development in the treatment, diagnosis and all other necessary findings in regard to the disease of cancer. We are going to present here some of these medical facilities that are considered as best cancer hospitals in the world.

Some of the Top cancer treatment hospitals and research centers in the world are located in other parts of the world in spite of the undeniable fact of the great concentration of maximum number of good cancer clinics and research centers in the USA. Some of the finest cancer care facilities in the continent of Europe are also famous to be considered as the best cancer hospitals in the world. Apart from the Europe and USA, some of the top cancer care facilities in the world are located in Australia, Canada and in many countries of Asia too.

University of Texas M D Anderson in Texas, USA

This cancer care institute in USA is ranked no.1 in the list of best cancer hospitals published by U.S. News. This hospital is also one of the oldest cancer treatment facilities in the world and from its establishment in the year 1941 until now 500,000 patients has passed through the gate of this hospital that definitely talks about the great stature and addition of values to the quality of care in the hospital. This hospital with more than 60 years of heritage and great tradition of care is an institute that is ranked as the top cancer hospital in USA consecutively for three years. The hospital is best known for its integrative approach of cancer treatment involving innovative ways in obstructing the metastasis of the cancer and various procedures of the treatment of cancer. Presently the researchers at M D Anderson are also working on the strengthening of immune system to combat cancer. The researchers in the hospital are also working on a pioneering project of chemoprevention through the use of drugs and natural substances that can play big role in preventing the metastasis and malignant syndromes naturally. With great many research, innovative ways of treatment and worldwide reputation of its state of the art treatment this hospital deserves to be an unarguable contender as the top cancer hospital in USA.

InstitutGustaveRoussy, in Paris, France

Among the top cancer hospitals in Europe this institute is reputed to have one of the best preventive treatment processes and care in entire Europe and the world. With new partnership with the undisputed no.1 cancer hospital in the world, M D Anderson, this hospital is now a great reserve of values and scientific research and development in the treatment of cancer. Integrated cancer research is the priority of this facility involving various high potential therapeutic developments in the treatment of cancer like, gene therapy, immunology and immune therapy, vectorology, cell therapy, etc. The hospital is famous for innovative and most involving types of radiotherapy guided surgery and minimally invasive surgery. With huge infrastructure and close cooperation between the doctors and the researchers in remitting the best immediate treatment made this cancer hospital as one of the best cancer hospitals in the world.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, in New York, USA

The latest U.S. News ranking declared this cancer hospital to be second in the list of top cancer hospitals in USA and according to the detailed information regarding the treatment and research of cancer in this facility, it is said to have one of the strongest presence of finest professional specialists in the field, great level of nurse and professional staffing and a survival rate that is one of the best in the country leaving the expectation level far behind. Especially in pediatric cancer this facility is the best in the country according to the latest national ranking.

John Hopkins Hospital, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, in Baltimore, USA

The cancer care facility of this world-renowned cancer hospital is reputed to have dedicated nursing staff for its cancer patients and possess one of the most advanced cancer research facility in the country. The multi-specialty and interdisciplinary approach of cancer treatment of this hospital combined with some of the best researchers and medical practitioners in the cancer treatment in the country contributed hugely to the worldwide reputation of this facility as one of the best cancer hospitals in the world. The integrated health system of the hospital combining the great school of medicine, treatment facility and research facility is one of the unique and most advanced in the world providing some of the best outputs in the cancer research in the world.

Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, USA

With great history and lineage of providing most advanced level of treatment to huge number of patients from all over the world who come to the Mayo Clinic facilities throughout the country and with one of the brightest research facility in the treatment and medical understanding of any disease, this hospital is always ranked among the top hospitals in USA in various specialties. The latest ranking published by the U.S. News and World Report regarding the top cancer hospitals and cancer care facilities in USA Mayo Clinic is given 4th rank in the country. With one of the most concentrated focus on the cancer research, innovative treatment and integration of multiple treatment as well as medical specialties this hospital is undoubtedly one of the best cancer hospitals in the country.

IstitutoNazienaledeiTumori di Milan, in Milan, Italy

This cancer treatment facility in Italy is reputed worldwide for its most advanced level of genetic research in the treatment and scientific findings about the disease of cancer. The functions of thousands of genes and millions of proteins, their all possible interactions and innumerable type and levels of effects are under the research project of this world renowned cancer care and research facility and expanding the limit of bio-information technology is another stupendous area that the this facility is well known for. With latest range of medical equipment and great research infrastructures, encouragements and initiative this facility is one of the best cancer hospitals in the world.

The International Neuroscience Institute, in Hanover, Germany

This German facility in the treatment of any type of neurotic disorder or diseases concerning the brain is considered the best in the Europe and one of the finest in the entire world. The facility being specific to the diseases and disorders concerning the brain or neurotic system covers only the cancer in the brain or other non-cancerous type of brain tumor that can be developed into malignant type of tumors. The director of the institute is World-renowned professor in the field of brain surgery Madjid Samii who has been famous all over the world with the nickname of Golden Hands for his most outstanding level of contribution in the research in the fields of neuroscience and various types of cancerous tumors in the brain and nervous system. His genius in microsurgery made this hospital one of the most preferred destinations all over the world for the treatment of brain tumor. As it is famously known that all major operations in the field of neurotic disorders or tumors in the brain or central nervous system is personally carried out by this genius of microsurgery, this facility is celebrated throughout the world as one of the greatest institutions for brain cancer treatment and deserves to be named as one of the best cancer hospitals in the world.

The Royal Marsden Hospital in London, England

This is one of the oldest hospitals in the world that is solely dedicated to the study and treatment of the disease of cancer. With numerous recognitions and awards for its outstanding contribution in the field of drug research and treatment of cancer, this is undoubtedly one of the top cancer hospitals in the entire Europe. It is known and widely acclaimed to have pioneered the international practicing standard for patient care involving multiple fields of excellence in the cancer research and drug development. It is reputed to have the largest clinical trial facility among all the cancer hospitals in Europe with a whopping 450 clinical trials to undergo at any given point of time. The facility is underway to give birth of one of the largest cancer drug development team and clinical facility to promote new drug therapies, which is crucial to the new breakthroughs in the cancer research and development in the treatment of cancer. With one of the greatest multispecialty framework and most advanced state of the art technologies and facilities this is undoubtedly to be considered as one of the best cancer hospitals in the world.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, USA

A recent clinical trial by the team of researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute found that through the interaction of a protein the growth of the breast cancer could largely be reduced or receded. Another clinical research in the same institute found that one hormone-depleting drug has great potential to cure or help to cure prostate cancer that has not been spread outside the prostate organ. Thus the news go by exposing the clinical excellence in the cancer research and development in this world renowned cancer institute. Having one of the most focused cancer research facility and most competent professionals in the field this institute deserves to be considered as one of the top cancer hospitals in USA as latest ranking of the country's top cancer care facilities published by the U.S. news ranked this institute at 5th position in countrywide survey and evaluation.

Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center in China

This multispecialty cancer hospital and cancer research facility is regarded worldwide as the best cancer hospital in China and undoubtedly one of the best in Asia. The integrated cancer treatment facility of this institute with preventive research and other therapies is considered as one of the most acclaimed across South East Asia.

Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Canada

This is the only hospital in the vast country of Canada, which is dedicated exclusively to the treatment of cancer. With large infrastructure and gigantic treatment facilities this is one of the biggest cancer hospitals in the world. This institute is reputed to have produced some of the longest surviving recipient of bone marrow transplantation treatment in the world.

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