Best honey brand in india

The domestic branded honey market is estimated at around Rs 275 crores. Till now, around 50% of honey is being used for religious and medicinal purposes. However, now companies are trying to woo health conscious consumers by promoting honey as a substitute of sugar.

Dabur : Honey has been used for its medicinal and therapeutic value for centuries in India. Dabur India Limited saw the potential of honey beyond its remedial value, helping every household imbibe the goodness of this natural wonder liquid in their day-to-day life

  • Dabur Honey launched as a food product
  • Largest player in the branded honey market, commanding over 75% of the total share 
  • Recently launched in convenient, easy-to-use squezee pack
  • Focusing on promoting food-led usage

Zandu Honey A brand of Emami)

Sanjeevani( A brand of Wipro Consumer Care and Lightning (WCCL): Wipro Sanjeevani Honey was launched in 2004. It was launched in the market as bottled natural honey in its purest natural best. With a positioning of “it is thicker, so it is better”, Wipro Sanjeevani Honey soon established a loyal following all across India.

Manuka Honey: Manuka Honey is a uni-floral honey. That is it is sourced from a single flower type, in this case from the flowers of the manuka bush (sometimes referred to as a tree), a native plant of New Zealand. Proper name Leptospermum scoparium – it sometimes gets referred to as leptospermum honey.

Apis:Apis has strong presence in domestic market as well as is a leading exporter of Honey from India to major international markets.

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